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We know you want to have fun, you deserve to – especially after you have been toiling and moiling all day long. Sometimes, fun is not cheap(or so you think) so you’d rather sit home and binge Netflix all day. At Cloud9 we have listed 400+ experiences to keep you on the go.

Let’s get going – do you fancy extreme activities? Say you’d love to bungee off some tall building or zip line on one of the longest lines! Check out such experiences and more here

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So you love to commune with nature through experiences such as biking, picnics, nature trails, horse rides, ostrich rides and so on – for that, we’ve got you covered too. Check out our experiences on adventure and outdoors here. Maybe you and your buddies would love to go glamping or camping somewhere far from the city and while at it have the best road trip experience ever – so many ways to experience nature and scenic views, we’ve done all the work and all you have to do is choose!

Who says you can’t have fun while indoors? I bet a massage treatment by Solio Lodge will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Perhaps, you had planned on rock climbing and the weather decided to act up – thanks to indoor rock climbing you can say goodbye to bad weather days and still have your fun!

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Good food is your forte? Then check out our guides section for the best food and happy hour joints in town – be it burgers, pizzas, ice-cream, nyama choma, Spanish cuisines, French savories  – whatever your fancy is, we’ve got it listed.

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Booking an experience with us is a breeze – a refreshing one 🙂


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