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High on Life
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Top Four under $100 4 star hotels;combining affordability and luxury

Bruh! Financial times are hard! 🤣Our country for instance is among the Highly in-debited Countries in the world. That’s huge! However, as an individual you can have the best of life affordably? I do not know about you, but most travelers and leisure seekers want a good time without breaking the bank. If you felt...
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5 tips on how to take the best instagrammable pictures during a leisure experience🎆 .

Warning ⚠️ these tips are tried and tested. Proceed anyway 😀 Unless you are as extra as me you are likely not to carry a DSLR camera during your weekend or weekday leisure activities booked on Cloud9xp. Just your phone. Well,that’s enough. How often do you add filters on your Instagram posts just to make it...
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HoliFun!Everyone looks the same when covered in Holi

Did you know, everyone looks the same when Holi is in full swing. You cannot tell if someone is dark skinned or light skinned. Awesome right! Not a single soul. None, left the gate unhappy. Including me who is hardly impressed 😂. The 3rd edition of Paint the Run themed ‘Paint me happy’ fulfilled its...
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5 Top secrets of the Kenyan Traveler.

Did you know there is a complete difference between a traveler and a tourist. Who do you think you are? A tourist consumes experiences;like the once offered at Cloud9xp and moves on. A traveler interacts with the local culture. The literally blend in rather than stand out. This is only acceptable in travel .☺️ Stay...